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Sound: v4w.enko
Artist: Tatiana Plakhova
Design: Eduard Haiman
V4W.ENKO has designed the algorithmic sound composition and lowfy main trigger for media installation "STRUCT" for cooperation with Mathrioshka. The information about the opening of cells of ‘voronoi’ is coming from VVVV. There is the generator of the events of the all scenes is there. Based on the fixed rhythm the parameters of several graphical layers and phases (such as intensity, size, brightness etc.) are changing. Graphical layers of VVVV are generated based on the information which is coming from Grasshopper and other generated parameters. Also there was created custom library to deal with particles. All selected parameters of VVVV are sent to the application of Max/msp for the influence to the process of generating sound composition. The coordinates of the cell points of voronoi are also sent from Grasshopper to Max/msp for the reason to form some generative layer of the sound`s background inside the whole sound composition. Learn more: